A little talk during COVID19

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

*I would like to talk about the new #normal for now...

Few months ago our #world came crashing down. Yeah that's why! the entire world was in total shock. Now this virus doesn't discriminate; regardless of your origin either white, black, blue, yellow, nationality, rich or poor. We have lost so many people and millions others infected with this virus so call #Corona-virus #COVID19 and some of us who haven't been tested. I'd like to start by saying I don't want to be negative rather positive with my P.O.V (point of view).

Much of the global population remains socially isolated to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But after months of lock down in China, people are returning to work. So what does life look like for us here in the #USA

*When I first booked my flight with Emirates to travel to Dubai and Southeast Asia Singapore to be precise back in March 2020 . I was very exited being that I was traveling for business and pleasure, I had meetings; conferences; fashion events planned to attend while I was there, all of which became nothing but a #Dream shattered by this #Horrible virus. Of course postponed for now. since then life just took a different turn(: sadly we been on lock down, our kids school closed our jobs furloughed left and right, our grocery stores ran out of food and so forth......................very scary though.

Bad Things Vs Good things

In the earliest days of corona virus, visiting a local supermarket felt like a bad dream to many. Stepping inside and seeing checkout lines three times their usual length, and quickly realizing that you weren’t the only one who felt it was time to stock up. Shouldering past the other shoppers toward the pasta aisle or frozen section, and turning the corner in shock to find rows and rows of empty shelves. I have always been a planner when it came to groceries in my house, I became frightening for the simple fact that I was planning to stock up the weekend before my trip; just to find out we're on lock down...my anxiety raised high I knew this #pandemic was real.

enough of bad with #COVID19 lets look at some good during this #pandemic time:

More #family time, cook meals, no traffic, gas is cheaper and of course no traffic. much more besides being bored to death during the pandemic. Well as for me I been keeping myself busy during this time, out of work figured I concentrate on my personal business and learn a new skill..(smile).. for me is #photography which is very important in my kinda business #fashion

My final thoughts are pretty #simple

#wash hands #stay healthy #stay safe #be good to one another..check on your love ones, your neighbor.

with technology being involved there shouldn't be any excuses, so either call or text.

hope this was helpful.

Xo Nadege

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