Updated: May 26, 2020

1962 an Australian woman named Melba Stone is widely credited with inventing the bumbag in 1962 (it is said she was inspired by kangaroo pouches). ... Indeed, the fanny pack had been popular among European skiers for years before it caught on as a money bag for tourists in the '80s and a drug receptacle for ravers in the '90s.

The involved version

Then in 2017 Designers such as Gucci-Prada-Louis Vuitton-Chanel-Michael Kors just to name a few all came out with their own stylish Fanny Pack .......

A versatile bag

It can be wore different ways, make it your own style: on your waist, cross body if you want.

My preference

I absolutely love my #Gucci & #YSL

Great for an outing and vacation it can be an excellent Add-on to any outfit.

Hope this was helpful to know the story behind the #fanny pack or as the British will call it Fannies!!

By Nadege Wilson

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