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Travel packing always begins with good intentions, and by the end you're throwing in clothes you haven't worn for years (and probably never intend to). The result: is a suitcase that is not only stylish but yet delivers a lots room for those stylish outfits.

Traveling in style starts with lux luggage

LongChamp Luggage & Samsonite
En Route pour NYC

Think outfits

Consider how you'll be spending your days and make a list of outfits, rather than assembling a pile of so-called "useful" items. Strike out outfits that don't work from day-to-night (unless you have scheduled events with specific dress codes, you won't bother to change for dinner) or with the weather forecast. Leave heels at home, unless you're headed to Saint Tropez or another, equally glamorous location. Chances are your relaxed trip self will want to wear flats.

Take your best things

That tie-dye Valentino dress or Dolce & Gabbana, this is just my preference. Of course you can wear that best dress in your closet, you've been saving all year for "a special occasion"? Take it!

Roll don’t fold

Funny when I first met my now husband, he used to travel for work all the time. I had notice that he will carry a big suitcase for couple days trip, that’s because he will fold instead of rolling, so I offered to help him pack every time he traveled. (He loved me for that)

Tried-and-tested by the Vogue editors: rolling saves more space than folding and prevents creasing. Anything seriously fragile or embellished should go in a garment bag and laid flat on top. If you can, leave it on the hanger (preferably a slim, plastic one) - then you can just hang it up as soon as you arrive.

Gucci dress & a Trendy purse

Only take one pair of jeans

Any more is overkill. Wear them on the plane as they will add unnecessary weight to your case. Pack leggings in hand-luggage if it's a long-haul flight - Sweaty Betty does compression leggings

Wear all your jewelry

And carry any extras in an evening bag to avoid losing them. Remember to leave extra time for passing through security in your festooned state - it'll be worth it if your checked-in luggage goes missing.

Don't forget that special party dress

You never know when an impromptu invitation will come your way. La petite robe chain mail mini will look good anywhere.

Stuff shoes and bags

Use every inch of space and prevent bags and shoes from getting damaged by stuffing them with socks and underwear. Then place each pair of shoes inside a dust bag or cotton sack to avoid them marking your clothes. If you like myself I love shoes, this also forces you to be brutal - how many pairs of shoes do you actually need?

Invest in a luxurious Egyptian bath towel

Traditional Egyptian towels, made from flat-woven cotton rather than heavier, fluffier fibers that waste space, make perfect beach towels or picnic blankets and double up as shawls when temperatures drop at night.

Stock up on basic meds

When your body relaxes, it often lets down its defenses. Don't let a cold ruin your holiday - pack Sudafed for the flight and stock up on tissues and painkillers at the airport. On that note: a new environment can upset your sleeping habits. With a pillow spray to keep the peace.

Leave your coat at home

A khaki Céline safari jacket or lightweight silk Prada parka is all you need. Pack lightweight sweaters - La Ligne and frame denim feel suitably continental - to layer underneath.

Hope you enjoyed reading this: fit for a jet-setter.

By Nadege Wilson

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