• Closet Edits & Jet setting packing

    Closet Edits

    **The time it takes to do a wardrobe analysis (at your home) depends on the amount of clothing in your closet. Naturally people with smaller wardrobe will require less time than someone with a bigger closet 2-8 hrs max (of course there are exceptions). We ask that each client perform a clean sweep of their closet, discarding pieces no longer needed.

    Jet setting packing

    **This service is to minimize the stress of packing for your trip when you traveling. Whether traveling for pleasure or professional reasons leave all your packing to Ce Tres Chic to hand pick your outfits & accessories. So that you can feel & look your best while away.

  • Image Consulting & V.I.P Services

    Image Consulting

    **There’s no time limit in creating a customized image, some clients may need only one service while others may choose several. Everyone’s needs are different, the average client should require anywhere from 4- 8 hours. This can be done in a little as one session or over multiple sessions.

    We can tailor the solution to meet your needs & hectic lifestyle

    Every client is different in respect to personality, lifestyle, career & social activities. The looks we create are custom tailored to each individual, and what works for one person does not necessary work for another.

    Reinvent your image for new career! Maybe you are ready to begin dating again! Or just feel your fashion sense needs some extra help!



    V.I.P Guide Services


    *For our Africans delegates we provide VIP transportation, VIP Tour, VIP personal shopping expedition. A translator will be provided for our French speaking clients.

  • Shopping Expedition & Wardrobe styling

    Personal shopping expedition


    **This service is designed to be informative & interactive, clients learns valuable information regarding their body structure, styling, color matching and fashion tips to fit their new image. Clients also learn what stores & brands to target in order to meet their needs.

    Every client:s budget has different needs & resources. A shopping budget should accommodate those two things.

    Our personal shoppers work within that budget to maximize your investment. 

    Trade in stressful shopping trips and costly fashion mistakes for time saving streamlined wardrobe.

    The hours can be 3-6hrs 



    Wardrobe styling

    **Your style is about who you are, you can look great feel confident & have style, our expert stylists, image & beauty consultants are well established in the fashion & beauty industry and are able to provide the best clothing solutions.

    Our image consultants have their own individual style, that personal style however does not indicate or dictate what we create for our clients.

    Our image consultants put together a personalized profile based on your lifestyle; We build a custom image to suit your needs.

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